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Stories from the Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio quoting LeadMN staff and student leaders.
Yesterday President Biden announced large scale debt forgiveness that will eliminate the federal student loan balances of nearly 20 million Americans with almost 90% of the benefit going to individuals with incomes under $75,000. This is the single largest student debt forgiveness ever undertaken and will impact 43 million Americans. Learn more about the details of the plan, including a new income driven repayment plan that will cut payments in half for most borrowers and remove the burden of student loan interest.
“This targeted student debt relief will allow some breathing room to low and middle income borrowers drowning in student debt,” said Ali Tomashek, President of LeadMN, the statewide student association for 2 year college students.
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Student leaders are thanking the Biden Administration for awarding over $1 million in emergency grants to students that are still facing the economic hardship from the pandemic.
Student leaders, employees and state lawmakers say Minnesota's public college governing boards don't listen to the public.
If you are a Minnesota resident under age 27 and were in the Minnesota foster care system at any point after you thirteenth birthday, this grant may cover the cost of attendance at any eligible Minnesota public or participating private college and university.
The college system's board of trustees approved the increase Wednesday amid student opposition.