Each month the cabinet shares some of the work they accomplished.
LeadMN joined 22 national organizations in urging Chairwoman Murray and Ranking Member Burr to help students that are in danger of losing federal financial aid because of Satisfactory Academic Progress issues.
Twice a year, fall and spring semesters, the Mark M. Welter Foundation provides LeadMN the opportunity to promote the Mark M. Welter World Citizen Award to twenty Minnesota State college and university students.
In case you missed it, you can listen to LeadMN President Ali Tomashek on Minnesota Public Radio talk about LeadMN's work to engage students to be civically engaged. 
Each month the cabinet shares some of the work they accomplished.
Minnesota Public Radio covered the partnership that LeadMN has with the Minnesota Secretary of State's office in running Minnesota's Democracy Cup. This award recognizes the colleges and universities that have the highest student voting rate in Minnesota.
This week the White House launched a new national strategy to address hunger. Included in this new strategy is a recognition of the issue of college hunger as a major barrier to students across the country and steps to begin addressing food insecurity for millions of students.
We're only seven weeks away from the midterm elections here in Minnesota and Kare11 covered LeadMN's work at Normandale Community College helping to register student voters.
This week LeadMN says goodbye to Communications Coordinator, Jocelyn Roof. In all of her future endeavors, LeadMN wishes Roof success and joy.
"Preparing students to become engaged citizens by taking an active role in our democracy is core to the mission of higher education."