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Day on the Hill

Didn't attend Advocacy Day? Join us for a Day on the Hill April 12!

Spring General Assembly

Register now for the Spring GA this April 20-22.

Election Guide

Get to know the 2018-19 student leadership candidates before the Spring GA!
Learn about the documents that guide our decision-making and organizational structure.
Read more about the candidates that we will be electing at the Spring General Assembly on April 20-22, 2018.
Nominate someone that has gone the extra mile for an award!
LeadMN is seeking students who want to be recommended for the Minnesota State Board of Trustees.
Everything you need to know about budget consultation, plus helpful tools for a successful budget consultation process.
Serving on a committee? Do you want to serve? Find helpful information and the tools you will need to be successful.
Thinking of taking the next step in your leadership journey? Learn all about the election process here.
Find all the forms you need to be a successful leader.
Governing Council, Platform Committee, and Cabinet members: please submit your monthly leadership reports here.
Master the basics or dive deeper on Robert’s Rules of Order and other LeadMN procedures.
Recently elected? Check out your main roles and responsibilities as a student leader.
Submit your stars and earn your college Star Campus status today!
Important information on how LeadMN works, your role within LeadMN and the legislative process.