The Mark M Welter Center for Learning is a state of the art training facility where students are able to gather, collaborate, and learn. The center will serve as a hub for the students of Minnesota's 48 community and technical colleges to host trainings, gatherings, and a variety of other events, all to help enrich the lives of Minnesota’s two-year college students.

Available for Rental

The Mark M. Welter Center for Learning is the perfect place to host a variety of events including business retreats, community gatherings, and student trainings. Our space can easily fit 100 people, has extensive AV capabilities, and has two large whiteboards. The center offers a variety of spaces, including tables and chairs and bench seating.

View the Center

3 level riser seating with square orange, green, and blue colored seat cushions sporadically placed across the risers
Closed glass doors to the back entrance into the Center for Learning. There is a 3x5 foot poster of the green LeadMN logo on a blue background placed on the wall next to the doors and a TV of a similar size mounted on the wall perpendicular to the doors.
White wall with grey webbed mural in the Center for Learning space. There are two small TVs mounted from the ceiling and two orange white boards around 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide.
Front desk against navy blue wall with 2x2 foot wide and tall Center for Learning logo featured in the center of the wall