The US Supreme Court struck down President Biden’s student debt relief plan, which would have provided relief to 800,000 Minnesota student loan borrowers and their families.
Today’s US Supreme Court decision highlights the need to address the inequities that plague our higher education system. There are elite colleges and universities that are well funded to provide an education to wealthy students and then there are institutions that struggle to provide a quality education to average Minnesotans. 
The Star Tribune covers LeadMN President John Runningen comments to the Board of Trustees on the proposal to increase student fees.
Each month the cabinet and student leaders shares some of the work they accomplished.
Cathy Wurzer interviewed LeadMN President John Runningen about the new North Star Promise that legislators approved this week.
The Minnesota House and Senate has taken bold action to make college affordable and address student basic needs. The legislation now awaits the Governor's signature, which is expected in the next week.
LeadMN joined 260 other organizations across the country in urging Congress to not reverse the President's Student Debt Relief plan.
LeadMN joined 110 other organizations from around the country urging Congress to remove barriers that students face when applying for SNAP.
On behalf of our students I want to thank the chairs, legislative leaders and the governor for making a bold investment in public higher education. For decades, Minnesota’s budget has been balanced on the backs of students with budget cuts and subsequent increases in tuition and fees. In fact tuition has almost tripled in the last 20 years, far outpacing inflation.
LeadMN sent a letter to the six legislators on the Omnibus Higher Education Conference Committee urging them to "to keep them at the center of your decisions as you move forward in the final weeks of session. As the future welders, electricians, farmers, nurses, police officers, mechanics, and counselors, they are the backbone of our state economy, our local communities, and the success of our state."

Join us on Wednesday, May 3 at 2 pm to hear the first meeting of the conference committee as they discuss how best to make college affordable. We want to show members how students support the free college proposal. The meeting will be held in room G3 of the state capitol.