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Equity Action Hub

Take action by signing up for the equity curriculum, learning new vocabulary, joining a committee, learning about our campaign, and more.

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Equity Resources

Learn about resources to support various identities and affinity groups. 

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Get Support

Find campus, state, and national resources to help address basic needs insecurity. Apply for Emergency Grants to fund unexpected costs with no questions asked.


To create a healthy work and learning environment where everyone is welcomed and respected. A culture of trust and belonging where all student voices are centered and their needs are accommodated. We strive to implement practices which enables growth, development and a place to thrive. We are committed to support, collaboration, communication and empowerment. 



To lead through practice.To commit to being anti-racist and multicultural.To center and uplift students' voices, lead with an equity lens in all areas, dismantle barriers and practice racial and social justice. To be inclusive, culturally responsive, and create access for all.