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Get Basic Needs Support

LeadMN has compiled a number of resources to support students with mental health, transportation, child care, technology, housing, and more.

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Are you registered to Vote?

Take 3 minutes to update your voter registration with your current address. This will making voting easy on Election Day or allows you to vote early.

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Attend the 2022 Kickoff (Sept. 29)

Join us for a small group conversation on the biggest issues facing community college students. 

Ali Tomashek, a white woman with medium brown hair, smiles in front of Lincoln Memorial in bright orange coat.
"While I was enrolled, my outstanding tuition balance prevented me from using campus resources such as the food court or the bus system. I struggled to pay my rent, pay for groceries, or pay for medical expenses with a job that only paid minimum wage. I remember staring blankly in my kitchen, calculating how I would survive on only frozen food."
Ali Tomashek
Student Stories
Amona Rite Donald, who is a brown woman with curly dark blonde hair, smiles at the camera. She is wearing a black shirt with a camel brown jacket over top.
“I feel like as international students we can't seem to win. It's either why are you using our resources and leaving or, if I stay here, why are you using our resources and taking jobs that are meant for the American people? And so we struggle with this rhetoric of like, OK, do I belong? Or do I not belong?”
Amona Rite Donald
Student Stories
Henri Mingo, a white femme-presenting person with curly, red, shoulder-length hair, smiles at the camera. She is wearing a bright orange long sleeve V-neck shirt, a statement necklace, and rounded glasses.
“I’m trying to take these challenges in stride. I know that I won’t be in college forever, and I want to enjoy the good things about being a student, like being in senate and connecting with other students.”
Henri Mingo
Student Stories
Caledon Johnston, a white man with short brown hair, smiles for a selfie. Ice is wearing red-framed aviator sunglasses and it is a sunny day.
“Emergency grants were a lifeline for me - when I received the grant, I was at the end of my rope.”
Caledon Johnston
Student Stories
This week the White House launched a new national strategy to address hunger. Included in this new strategy is a recognition of the issue of college hunger as a major barrier to students across the country and steps to begin addressing food insecurity for millions of students.