LeadMN is college students connecting for the change. We represent the 100,000 two-year college students in Minnesota to help them transform their lives and their communities. Our students LeadMN by developing leadership skills to realize their potential, see beyond what they thought was possible for personal success, and to drive community-wide change.

Our Driving Mission

The American Dream has long been a symbol of achieving success. For far too many Minnesotans, the path to this dream is impeded due to systemic barriers. At LeadMN we break down those barriers by empowering two-year college students to become strong leaders, engaged community members, and successful professionals. We are rebuilding a pathway for students to achieve their American Dream.

How We’re Doing It

We have four pillars to our program that helps provide students with skills and confidence that lead to a better sense of self and long-term success.

Our Pillars

Leadership Skills

We offer workshops and trainings at our conferences that teach students interpersonal and leadership skills, such as time management and effective communication, to give students the tools needed for success in work and life.

Empowering Leaders

We provide students with real-world leadership experience through serving on a LeadMN board or committee. We provide advanced trainings for our student leaders on cultural intelligence, conflict resolution, and professional advancement both in our Center for Learning and at our conferences.

Achieving Success

We provide scholarships, resources, and mentors to students to help them remove the barriers to their success. We provide students with tools for financial aid, affordable textbooks and classroom materials, and career development.

Driving Change

We inspire and prepare students to tackle issues on campus and in their community that directly affect them. We provide support to student lead campaigns and offer students with opportunities to talk with their representatives.

LeadMN Values


Fair treatment and access so everyone has what they need to be successful. 


All are able to fully participate, are welcome, and valued in all that we do. 


Everyone is equipped with the confidence to achieve their full potential. 


Deliver honesty to build trust in every interaction.