All the forms you need to be a successful leader!



Submit Reimbursement forms through email to the LeadMN Treasurer or fax completed reimbursement forms to (651) 215-1862. Open the spreadsheet in Excel and use the already existing formulas. All reimbursements must have a travel authorization form completed and authorized by the LeadMN Executive Director or Treasurer prior to the travel or purchase.

Contact the LeadMN Treasurer or Executive Director with any questions.



All elected leaders for Cabinet, Regional Representative, and Alternate, Student-at-Large and Alternate, Presidents’ Group, Regional Platform Representative, and Alternate, or Steering Committee positions must:

1. Be a currently registered student with no less than six (6) credits per semester

2. Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 grading scale

3. Must maintain these requirements throughout the candidate’s term of office, if elected

Student Leadership Form

Motion Slips

If you are writing a motion for a Governing Council Meeting, Platform Committee Meeting or General Assembly you can find the motion slips below. Please see the Rules of the General Assembly as well. If you have any questions about writing the motion before the meeting, please contact the LeadMN office at 651-297-5877.