Become a Star Campus today!

Star Campus was created by the 2009-2010 Cabinet to reward the most active campuses within LeadMN. Student senates that are active and are striving to reach their fullest potential can become “Star Campuses” and serve as an example to campus governments striving to get more involved. Each year a campus must earn 10 of 12 stars to become a star campus, and if they reach star campus status they will receive a prize at the Spring General Assembly.

The Star Campus program has an online submission form. After the form has been filled out and submitted, the person who submitted the form will receive a confirmation email.

Please submit the form separately for each unique criteria you wish to log. For some of the criteria, you will need to upload files to show you've completed the step - for others, no file upload is needed, just verification with LeadMN records (such as conference attendance). This will be notated by an asterisk (*).

NOTE: The only way your campus will be awarded a point for any criteria category is by submitting the online form - please submit the form separately for each criteria regardless of whether a file submission is required or not.