Budget consultation is the process of Minnesota State system and institution administrators discussing the campus budgets and getting feedback from students. Consultation is not a presentation; it is a two-way street! The most common aspects of the budget that require student consultation are tuition rates and fee increases. Some of these fees include a student life/activity fee, health fees, parking fees, technology fees, etc.

Why is this important?

  • LeadMN is one of the few student associations in the nation that has consultation process protected and enforced through public policy. (See Minnesota State Policy 2.3 and Procedure 2.3.1).
  • We cannot begin to address the rising cost of an education if we do not take the consultation process seriously.

What to expect from administration

The administration must provide students with background materials and an agenda in advance of consultation, provide reasonable time for the senate to consider the issue, and provide responses to senate requests for further information.


First Draft

April 20, 2022 draft budget consultation letters are due to the LeadMN office for review and comment. Letters should be sent to mgutsch@leadmn.org.

Final Draft

May 11, 2022final budget consultation letters are due to the system office. Letters should be sent to budget@minnstate.edu and mgutsch@leadmn.org.  

Questions? Concerns?

Contact LeadMN Director of Government Relations Matt Gutsch at mgutsch@leadmn.org.