The goal of monthly LeadMN leadership reports is to encourage effective communication between elected representatives that serve on the LeadMN Cabinet, Governing Council (GC), and Platform Committee (PC) and the student leaders across the state of Minnesota. Representatives are required to submit a report each month as part of their elected duties. These reports will be published on a monthly basis.

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  • These are not meant to be activity reports. (blood drives, dances, etc…)
  • Watch for the deadlines! Your monthly report is due on the 1st of the following month at 5 PM.
  • Please note your report will be published exactly as it is submitted.
  • Collect information at the regional meeting for your next report. It is much easier than trying to call people outside of meetings!
  • Governing Council should be general, operational topics.
  • Platform Committee should be advocacy related.

Helpful questions to ask the presidents in your region


Is everyone registered for the upcoming student leadership conference? How are things going with your advisor and administration? Are there any new positions on your campus? Are there any search committees? Are there Transfer Pathway or Charting the Future committees? Are students being appointed to committees? Any update on your campus diversity plan? How can LeadMN and I support you?


How is your campus coming along on GOTV goals? Are there any updates on food insecurity on your campus? What are your campuses policy/legislative priorities? Are there any bonding projects that your campus hopes to advocate for this session? How is registration for Advocacy Day coming along? How can LeadMN and I support you?


Contact the LeadMN President at or LeadMN Executive Director Mike Dean at