Studies show that 85% of jobs are discovered through networking. It is common knowledge the more unique and full your resume is, the better chance you have of landing your dream job. At Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (Minnesota State) there are a wide variety of shared-governance committees, and chances are you can find one that aligns with your major or career field. For example, if you were an IT major, why would you not apply for the Technology Council? Most Minnesota State committees meet 4-5 times a year in the Twin Cities. Travel reimbursement is available as well as video conferencing. Check out the different topics and meeting schedules below to find one that works for you! 

Want to Serve on a Committee?

There are a variety of statewide committees open for students to serve on. Please see the open committees below and apply for one that interests you!

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Minnesota State Committees

Academic Affairs Council (1 students)

The Academic Affairs Council will be the principal group responsible for advising the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs on academic initiatives and programs that are planned, piloted, adopted, and/or implemented for system-wide benefit. Scope includes: Undergraduate and graduate teaching and learning, including: instructional development, professional development, accountability framework, student readiness and college transitions, career and technical education, career preparation and workforce development, program alignment and effectiveness, e-education, and inter-campus collaboration.

Meeting Time: 1:00PM-3:30PM

Meeting Schedule: 
Monday, September 21, 2020
Monday, October 19, 2020
Monday, November 16, 2020
Monday, February 8, 2021
Monday, March 15, 2021
Monday, April 26, 2021

Technology Council (2 students)

The Technology Council will advise and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs on educational technologies, including instructional related tools, online learning technologies and services, instructional media delivery, library technologies, and other instructional and student services technologies that have system wide application.

Meeting Time: 9:30AM-2:00PM

Meeting Schedule: 
Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Wednesday, December 9, 2020
Wednesday, February 10, 2021
Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Transfer Governance Committee (1 student)

The Minnesota State Colleges & Universities Transfer Oversight Committee is a sub group of the Academic Affairs Council and meets a minimum of three times per year to review implementation of transfer including the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. The committee’s purpose is to review course and credit and student transfer issues and information and to provide recommendations for enhancement of course and credit transfer to the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs. This includes oversight of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum originally developed and amended by the faculty collaborative process and legislation. The committee’s oversight assures appropriate, high-quality education for students who transfer within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

Developmental Education Steering Committee (2 students)

This workgroup will identify best practices for developmental education and address education needs of incoming students who require more basic developmental work, share best practices with other campuses focused on the best interests of lower level developmental students, and make recommendations for action.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

Equity and Inclusion Council (1 students)

The Minnesota State Equity & Inclusion Council is the principal group responsible for advising the Chief Diversity Officer on strategies, initiatives, programs, and policies that are planned, piloted, adopted, and/or implemented for system-wide benefit and related to matters of equity, inclusion, and diversity.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

Faculty Development Committee (1 student)

The Subcommittee is responsible for advising the Academic Affairs Council on issues relative to faculty professional development initiatives and programs system-wide. The scope includes faculty professional development needs and interests related to teaching and learning, instructional development, scholarly and professional expertise, e-learning, student learning outcomes assessment, and inter-campus collaboration.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

Academic Equity Committee (1 student)

This committee is responsible for advising the Academic Affairs Council on academic priorities relative to eliminating gaps in educational opportunity and achievement system wide.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

Assessment for Course Placement Committee (2 students)

The Assessment for Course Placement Committee (ACPC) is a standing committee, which exists to ensure the consistent and effective implementation of Board Policy 3.3 Assessment for Course Placement. It periodically reviews the policy and recommends needed changes or implementation strategies; reviews and makes recommendations for the designation of system-endorsed instruments; helps design and carry out a research-based process for establishing scores for course placement; advises on assessment-related research needs of the system; and helps plan and implement professional development activities.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

Learning Environment Committee (1 student)

The Learning Environment Committee makes recommendations to the ASA Technology Council regarding decisions that would affect the operation of the learning environment for all institutions. System Office IT staff are expected to consult with the Learning Environment Committee on topics that can impact the operation of the learning environment at all institutions. This committee ensures that all stakeholders of the learning environment are informed about the operation and utilization of the learning environment.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

Media Management & Web Conferencing Committee (1 student)

Advise on the utilization of, changes to, and maintenance of two Minnesota State enterprise services, Kaltura MediaSpace (Media Management) and Adobe Connect (Web Conferencing).

Meeting Schedule: TBD

Accessibility Committee (1 student)

Develop sustainable campus practices for addressing the accessibility of electronic (and printed) information to include website and course materials made available at colleges and universities in the Minnesota State system. The committee will study the current state of accessible materials for all learners and web site visitors and make recommendations for improving access to and the distribution of web site and instructional materials in accessible formats.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

Global Education Committee (1 student)

The Global Education Committees purpose is to advise the Academic Affairs Council on issues relative to global education initiatives and programs system-wide.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

Online Strategy Workgroup (2 students)

The Online Strategy Workgroup will draft an online education strategy for Minnesota State, based on the four pillars of access, affordability, collaboration, and quality.  The strategy will highlight campus practices and aspirations as well as the system’s role in a collective strategy.

Meeting Schedule: TBD


Textbook Affordability Committee (1 Students)

This committee will work evaluate and identify opportunities for the system around open educational resources, traditional textbooks, inclusive access programs, and other programs, while advising on trends and best practices to technology groups, bookstores, libraries, and other relevant stakeholders. This committee will also explore and support options that offer affordable, equitable, and high quality educational experiences to Minnesota State students.

Meeting Schedule: TBD (Once per month)

Education Committee (1 student)

Approval of the Committee Pending (Description will be posted in the future)

Meeting Schedule: TBD

English Language Learners Work Group (1 student)

This committee will develop and submit recommendations to the Developmental Education Steering Committee on proven and emerging practices, support structures, and professional development models that respond to the needs of English language learners, including those learners who place into developmental levels.

Meeting Schedule: TBD (Workgroup members are expected to participate in monthly 2 to 3 hour meetings)

Equity by Design Workgroup (1 student)

This workgroup will serve as an advisory group on the development and implementation of Equity by Design. It will provide feedback on the design and implementation of Equity by Design, create stakeholder buy-in. Members will serve as advocates for Equity by Design, be willing to assist in the development of content, and identify and communicate challenges and opportunities for using Equity by Design to impact equity gaps.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

Equity Scorecard Workgroup (1 student)

This group will work to develop and implement the Equity Scorecard to develop awareness of equity gaps across varying measurable areas, with a specific focus on fostering institutional change through data-informed decision making to address disparities and close equity gaps.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

LeadMN Committees

LeadMN Diversity Committee (3 Students)

The Diversity Committee mission is to serve the student body and greater campus community of all public two year community and technical colleges in Minnesota through researching, educating and connecting by providing information on issues of diversity, as it pertains to higher education to include but not be limited to: International, minority, underserved, underrepresented individuals or groups and people with disabilities.

Meeting Scheduled: TBD

LeadMN Scholarship Gala Campus Outreach Committee (2 Students)

This committee works with the LeadMN Public Relations Coordinator on outreach to student senate members to encourage them to donate a silent auction item that will be displayed at the 13th Annual Scholarship Gala. The committee members will make phone calls, answer questions, and track all communications and donations.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

LeadMN Basic Needs Committee (4 Students)

This committee is in charge of researching and advocating for Basic Needs issues as they arise and are prioritized. Basic needs include, but are not limited to mental health, transportation, housing insecurity, food insecurity etc. The committee will meet to discuss basic needs issues affecting two-year college students as well as work to achieve the objectives set forth for the committee.

LeadMN Diversity Committee (2 Student)

The Diversity Committee mission is to serve the student body and greater campus community of all public two year community and technical colleges in Minnesota through researching, educating, and connecting by providing information on issues of diversity, as it pertains to higher education to include, but not be limited to: International, minority, underserved, underrepresented individuals or groups and people with disabilities. This committee will also serve as the selection committee for the Hunger Free Campus designation. Members will participate in quarterly review processes where they will review applications for the designation, assess eligibility, and make approval decisions.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

LeadMN Steering Committee (5 students)

The Steering Committee reviews LeadMN working documents and presents any recommended changes for the General Assembly to approve in spring. This committee also administers elections at the General Assembly, including verifying eligibility of candidates. 

Note: Members are elected to this committee by the Governing Council during the September Student Leadership Conference. Those interested in serving on the committee should seek a nomination from their region's Governing Council member or seek to be nominated during open nominations.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

LeadMN Fiscal Committee (2 students)

The Fiscal Committee reviews all financial documents and presents monthly profit and loss statements at regularly scheduled General Assemblies and Governing Council meetings. This committee can also help develop the budget.

Note: You must be a Governing Council Representative or Alternate to be eligible for this committee. members will be determined by election at the September Governing Council meeting.

Meeting Schedule: TBD

Other Committees

Office of Higher Education Student Advisory Council (1 Technical College Student)

The Student Advisory Council provides the Minnesota Office of Higher Education with student perspectives on statewide higher education issues and policies, including financial aid. The council meets once per month.

Note: Applicants must specify if they are enrolled in a technical college program or community college program.

Meeting Location: Minnesota Office of Higher Education