Nominate someone that has gone the extra mile for an award!

The Spring General Assembly is an important event because not only do we look towards the future; we also celebrate the past year. LeadMN encourages students, advisors and other faculty to nominate individuals that they believe have gone above and beyond and made a difference in the organization.

Nominations are due to the LeadMN office by Friday, April 1 at 5:00 PM


Student Awards

Student Leader of the Year

  • Student leaders come from all different backgrounds and carry many diverse stories. A Student Leader of the Year is one who has excelled both academically, in the association and in their community. This individual should be someone who has risen above all other students both in their actions and their attitude to bring their campus, the association and the community together, as well as give back to each of these communities.

Governing Council Member of the Year

  • A Governing Council Member of the Year displays many great qualities within the organization. They have exemplified the ideals of the organization, built relationship and effective teams within their region and have gone above their call to serve our students.

Platform Committee Member of the Year

  • A Platform Committee Member of the Year is seen to display many qualities related to legislation in the association. However, one that has dedicated their time and effort to research and develop a working knowledge of the issues facing our students, our legislative agenda and then educate the students of their region displays qualities worthy of a nomination.

Student Senate of the Year

  • Each year we honor one senate for taking their work above and beyond the call of duty. Past winners have had significant impact on their communities and campuses. In many cases, they have changed the lives of countless amounts of students for the better.

Non-Student Awards

College President of the Year

  • This award honors the exemplary work of a college president within the 2-year colleges of the Minnesota State system. A nominee should display the qualities of being available to students for consultation and willing to discuss issues that affect the student body throughout the decision making process. Furthermore, a nominee should be proactive in wanting to create a welcoming and team environment for all cohorts of their college.

Student Senate Advisor of the Year

  • This award honors a Student Senate Advisor who has gone above and beyond the daily roles and responsibilities of advising the Student Senate on their operations and serving as their advocate. An advisor of the year is one that also serves as a mentor to student leaders in ways that allow them to grow in their education and careers.

Instructor of the Year

  • An instructor deserving of this prestigious award is one that not only connects with their students to deliver the subject material, but does it in ways that allows students of all learning methods to succeed. Previous award recipients have used creativity through technology and teaching styles to show students new learning methods that have shown high success rates in their class. Furthermore, past award recipients have ensured students have the support they need both in class and outside of class to provide them the best opportunity to excel in their college careers.