This week LeadMN says goodbye to Communications Coordinator, Jocelyn Roof.  From her dedication to ensuring students have access to important information to her strong leadership on equity and inclusion, Roof has been an asset to the organization in many ways.

Jocelyn laughing with open arms, presenting at a conference
Roof presenting at the August 2022 Incoming Leader Training

Manager of Programs and Events, Brandon Boat, worked closely with Roof in her time at LeadMN. “There are countless projects big and small that Jocelyn and I have worked on together and all of them have been better for her contributions.”  Boat goes on to say, “She's still early in her career, but she burns brightly and I only expect great things from her in the future."

Roof’s work with empowering students to tell their stories has been especially impactful. “Her storytelling workshop was compelling, challenging, yet incredibly inspiring for me and I will remember the impact it had on my leadership growth and every student I've interacted with, forever,” says LeadMN Student President Ali Tomashek. Roof’s approach of empowerment and intentionality with each individual student as they learned to both own and tell their stories  was evident to all those who worked with her. Tomashek concluded, “Jocelyn reminds me why I became so passionate about advocacy, and I will carry the skills she has taught me into my future career.”

As a colleague, “Jocelyn has been such an incredible resource,” says Kayla Zopfi, LeadMN’s second Communications Coordinator. Zopfi began working at the organization on August 1 and credits much of her success in the role so far to Roof’s willingness to support her in her transition and orientation to the Communications role. “She has been so helpful with each of the hundreds of questions I’ve had, and has been an incredible model of professional boundary setting.”

In all of her future endeavors, LeadMN wishes Roof success and joy. Speaking for everyone at the organization, Zopfi says, “Thanks for all you’ve done, Jocelyn! I know you’ll thrive in all that comes next for you.”