Karina Villeda - Vice President

What progress have you made on your Cabinet duties as outlined in the LeadMN bylaws?

This past month I worked with many PC and GC members to collect Free College petitions. My team collected about 1000 petitions, and I loved very chaotic and busy moment of this past month doing that. I also testified for the house and senate omnibus bills and talked to legislators about the importance of Free College. I recruited some people that weren't part of their student senate into LeadMN and showed them the importance of our leadership. I worked with a student senate to update their bylaws and worked to inform many other student senates about what LeadMN is working on.

What have you done or what is your plan to get students more involved with LeadMN?

I took advantage of our petitions to inform students what LeadMN can do for us, I recruited them with our legislative agenda, internships coming up and the scholarships we offer.

Outline your biggest achievement this month?

I would say getting a very powerful team together to gather as many petitions as we could. The mass emails that I sent out and the outreach and group efforts that made this possible for me, the organization and if this bill passes for many Minnesotans.