Working as LeadMN Vice President has really taught me a lot about diverse student issues and I'm glad that I get another year to advocate for them. As the next President of LeadMN, there are many successes to build on that President Oballa, the rest of the LeadMN cabinet, and all of our students have worked so hard this past year. It is with great pleasure that I announce to you today, the 16 campuses that have been designated Hunger Free by LeadMN this year.
We are facing one of the worst economic situations of our lifetime, with more than 520,000 Minnesotans facing unemployment and one in three students reporting that they have been laid off or had their hours reduced. This income is critical to helping students pay for school and without it many just won’t be able to afford to continue with school.
In a letter to members of congress, LeadMN urged them to craft additional legislation to address the challenges of Covid-19. LeadMN strongly encouraged the federal government to consider the inclusion of further aid and support for both students and community and technical colleges in the following ways:
-Pell Grant Increase
-Emergency Student Aid
-Automatic FAFSA Renewal
-Extending Student Loan Payment Relief
-Funding for Community and Technical Colleges
12 Minnesota State Community and Technical Colleges recognized for their work to reduce food insecurity on campus.
Congratulations to the 10 recipients of an Annual Award!
In written testimony to the Minnesota State Board of Trustees, LeadMN President Oballa Oballa urged the Chancellor, College Presidents to take a voluntary 10% pay cut. The Minnesota State system should follow the lead of Governor Walz, the University of Minnesota President Grabel and other higher education institutions.

Now that the Department of Education has outlined how it will release the CARES Act money to college and universities, how will colleges and universities distribute this money to college students that are facing emergency situations right now?
Congratulations to all students nominated for the Mark M. Welter World Citizen Award!
An email was sent to every community and technical college student asking them a series of questions on how they are doing. The responses show how students have been impacted by the unprecedented changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
LeadMN President Oballa Oballa sent a letter to Congressional leaders urging them to action to provide support to community and technical college students during the Covid-19 National Emergency.