LeadMN President Axel Kylander wrote to the Minnesota State BOT about policies that would improve the experiences of Minnesota community and technical college students.
LeadMN Joins With Over 100 Organizations In Support Of The Eats Act
Each month the cabinet shares some of the work they did each month.
LeadMN President Kylander and Vice President Mesta met with the Chancellor of the Minnesota State System Devinder Maholtra to discuss basic needs, free college and COVID outreach effort.
The 2020 Census showed Minnesota is becoming more diverse. LeadMN's work was critical to ensure students at community and technical colleges were counted and receive funding and representation in Congress.
Many Minnesota colleges and universities are requiring vaccines, enforcing mask mandates, and providing frequent testing in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. LeadMN has encouraged a robust statewide vaccine education campaign across all universities and colleges to dispel myths and promote students' health and well-being.
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Last week, students returned to campus and the LeadMN team were there to welcome them back to school. We traveled over 1600 miles to 16 campuses across the state.
Jocelyn is the new Communications Coordinator.
The fight for equality that began ions ago opened up many opportunities for women including the pathway to college. Today you can find thousands of women across our 2 year colleges.