"A rural Minnesota college and its community have found a way to send every local high school graduate to college tuition-free, boosting enrollment and creating a model other state higher education institutions could follow."
This year, LeadMN is celebrating Election Hero Day by recognizing an amazing student leader for their passion and commitment to encouraging civic voter participation amongst their student body. Congratulations to LeadMN’s 2021 Election Hero, Josh Aguayo!
Community college students across Minnesota are devastated that President Biden’s tuition free community college plan will not become a reality this year.
The Office of Higher Education has announced a new goal to boost FAFSA completion among high school graduates.
Secretary of State Steve Simon welcomed community and technical college students to the Minnesota Student Leadership Summit today. He challenged students to return Minnesota to #1 in the country in youth voting.
Read about all the work that LeadMN has done over the past month, plus learn more about upcoming events like MN Peacebuilding Leadership Institute and the Emerging Leader Program!
Below is testimony that LeadMN President Axel Kylander delivered to the Minnesota State Board of Trustees on October 20, 2021.
"The Minnesota State system of public universities and community colleges has lost nearly 20,000 students over the past two years, a troubling sign that the pandemic is exacerbating an enrollment decline that has spanned the past decade."
LeadMN made recommendations to the Board of Trustees about the Supplemental Budget request to prioritize a tuition freeze, mental health support, and basic needs resources.
The Star Tribune quoted LeadMN's executive director about the need for Minnesota State Colleges to do more to support students in getting vaccinated for COVID.