Students participated in "Closing the College Meal Gap," an activity focused on brainstorming ideas for creating and promoting a campus food pantry.
Inside the annual report: Meet students from around LeadMN; Updates on our affordability, civic engagement and equity campaigns; Our scholarship program is growing by two; LeadMN was featured in the news both on the television and in print all across the state and nation.
The 2019 Minnesota legislative session just began on Tuesday. Here are the important topics for this year!
As we begin the new year, don't become stressed because of differences in politics.
Your Transfer Pathway - a new tool to help you find your transfer path.
Congratulations to the winners of a scholarship for the 2019 spring semester!
We know that finals can be a stressful time of the semester. Here are 5 tips to help you remember to take care of yourself during this busy time.
Seven tips to help you effectively study for your college finals this semester.
This is the second post in our EDI Vocabulary Series where we will be dedicating posts to terms and concepts commonly used in equity, diversity and inclusion work. This post will show you some great resources to learn more about key words and phrases that are commonly used in EDI work.