This week the White House launched a new national strategy to address hunger. Included in this new strategy is a recognition of the issue of college hunger as a major barrier to students across the country and steps to begin addressing food insecurity for millions of students.
We're only seven weeks away from the midterm elections here in Minnesota and Kare11 covered LeadMN's work at Normandale Community College helping to register student voters.
This week LeadMN says goodbye to Communications Coordinator, Jocelyn Roof. In all of her future endeavors, LeadMN wishes Roof success and joy.
"Preparing students to become engaged citizens by taking an active role in our democracy is core to the mission of higher education."
Each month the cabinet shares some of the work they accomplished.
Hawa is joining the LeadMN team as the Office Manager! Connect with her at hfofana@leadmn.org.
Stories from the Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio quoting LeadMN staff and student leaders.
Yesterday President Biden announced large scale debt forgiveness that will eliminate the federal student loan balances of nearly 20 million Americans with almost 90% of the benefit going to individuals with incomes under $75,000. This is the single largest student debt forgiveness ever undertaken and will impact 43 million Americans. Learn more about the details of the plan, including a new income driven repayment plan that will cut payments in half for most borrowers and remove the burden of student loan interest.
“This targeted student debt relief will allow some breathing room to low and middle income borrowers drowning in student debt,” said Ali Tomashek, President of LeadMN, the statewide student association for 2 year college students.
Lira and Abubaker are the newest members of the LeadMN team! Connect with Lira at lira@leadmn.org and Abubaker at abubaker@leadmn.org.