An update on everything that is happening with our campaigns.

Affordable Textbook campaign

The average community college student now spends $1,400 a year on textbooks, according to the College Board. Since 1977 those prices have risen over 1,000 percent! Whether you are a student, recent graduate, alumni, or you work with students, we can all agree that textbook prices are out of control. At our October conference, a scary textbook monster proved that. [insert photo]

At LeadMN, we break down the barriers that hinder our students from being successful. Textbook prices are one of the biggest barriers for many students.

During the week of November 13-17, we are taking action across the state! With a goal to collect 1,000 student signatures in support of affordable textbooks, and 50 impactful student stories on how this matters, we will bring to light the true magnitude of this problem. Find out more and get involved!

Equity & Inclusion

At the Minnesota Student Leadership Summit, LeadMN launched the #BandTogetherMN initiative. #BandTogetherMN is a social media and photo initiative that aims to raise awareness about equity, diversity, and inclusion within our campuses. Over 100 conference attendees participated contributed!! Thank you to everyone who made this achievement possible. Let’s keep the momentum going as we work together to advance equity. Browse through participant photos and posts and learn more about how you can participate.

Get Out the Vote

Did you know you have the power to choose who ends up on your ballot next November 2018?  Through the caucus process we can make sure we elect a governor that will prioritize our education and fight to make college affordable once again. You have the opportunity to learn how to be an effective advocate for yourself and your fellow students during the caucus process at the Northern, Southern, and Metro Regional Meetings this fall. We look forward to seeing you and rocking the caucus together!