LeadMN appeared in the news 45 times in 2021! Below are just some of the stories that various media covered throughout the year. For all the times LeadMN appeared in the news visit our News Page

Fewer Minnesota High School Seniors are Filing for College Financial Aid, Raising Fears of Enrollment Loss

Star Tribune, 01/11/2021

“Many students never complete the FAFSA because they do not think they will qualify for aid. About 53% of Minnesota high school seniors completed the financial aid form in the previous academic cycle, ranking 41st nationally, according to the National College Attainment Network. LeadMN is asking state lawmakers to make the FAFSA a high school graduation requirement starting in the 2023-24 school year”

Mike Dean, LeadMN Executive Director

star tribune article screen shot

Minnesota College Students with Children Face Overwhelming Balancing Act During Pandemic

Star Tribune, 02/14/2021

"College students across Minnesota have battled stress and burnout during the pandemic, but perhaps no group of students has been more overwhelmed than those who are raising children while they pursue a degree.”

photo of student mom with child

LSC Holds Flu Shot Clinic

Fox 21 News, 10/05/2021

"[The flu shot will] help students who are going into the nursing program or healthcare. To make sure they are prepared and have preventative care before going into that direct sort of service work.”

Fatu Magassouba, LeadMN Outreach Director

photo of Fatu at flu clinic

North Hennepin Earns 'Hunger Free Campus' Designation

CCX Media, 10/29/2021

"If they are choosing between paying rent, paying the doctor bill, they are not going to choose healthy, more expensive stuff. So by us having a fridge and freezer, we are able to provide healthy options so our students can have nutritious things."

Lindsay Fort, North Hennepin Dean of Student Development

PRC Ali presents hunger free campus award

Community Colleges See Significant Drop in Enrollment During Pandemic

Kare 11, 11/25/2021

"Unfortunately, we’ve really seen a perfect storm, where the pandemic and the high cost of college is dragging down enrollment."

Mike Dean, LeadMN Executive Director

photo of reporter talking to Mike Dean over zoom