The year is underway! LeadMN and Minnesota State committees are back at it again! During the September Student Leadership Conference, LeadMN President Priscilla Mayowa appointed several students to LeadMN and Minnesota State committees, but there are more openings available. This is a great opportunity to serve students at the system level and make the student voice heard in committees that make major decisions on system policies and initiatives that will impact all colleges. As a committee member you are also often the first students to hear about upcoming changes and initiatives, and the first students to provide feedback on them.

Open Committees

  • Accessibility Committee
  • Global Education Committee
  • Faculty Development Committee
  • Academic Equity Committee
  • Transfer Governance Committee
  • Assessment for Course Placement
  • Technology Council
  • Learning Environment Committee
  • Media Management and Web Conferencing
  • Textbook Affordability Committee
  • Developmental Education Steering Committee
  • Online Strategy Workgroup
  • English Language Learners Work Group
  • Equity by Design Workgroup
  • Equity Scorecard Workgroup
  • LeadMN Basic Needs Committee
  • LeadMN Diversity Committee

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