Commemorative Dates

National Disability Employment Awareness Month — October

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month!

We celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of people with disabilities who contribute to our economy and to inclusive equal opportunity for all.

History of National Disability Employment Awareness Month:

Celebrating 76 years by sharing the history and resources of employment for people with disabilities
Americans with Disability Act: Enforcement & Discrimination information: Employment (Title I)

United States Department of Labor: Ideas for Employers and Employees | U.S. Department of Labor

National Organization on Disability:  

Indigenous Peoples Day — October 10

Honor and celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day! Indigenous Peoples Day is a day to recognize indigenous history, cultures, and indignities, as well as violence perpetrated against First Nations.

For history, culture and events happening in the MN: Hennepin County Library film festival (films featuring Native filmmakers)

For general information: