It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the grand opening of the Mark M. Welter Center for Learning. For months you have been hearing about the warehouse renovation, but construction has been completed, the grand opening event was a success, and it is finally time to start using the space as a learning center.

The center is named in honor of Dr. Mark M. Welter, who is a huge supporter of our students. By the end of November 2016, Dr. Welter has given out more than 170- $500 scholarships to Minnesota State College and University students. We thank Dr. Welter for the wonderful opportunities the new learning center will create for students.

This state of the art training facility is a space where students are able to gather, collaborate, and learn. It will serve as a hub for the students of Minnesota’s community and technical colleges to host trainings, gatherings, and a variety of other events. Already several student senates have contacted us to use the space as a retreat so they can learn more about their roles and grow as a team. We are confident this is just the beginning of using this space to train and gather Minnesota’s college students.

As a bonus, the center is available for outside use! It is the perfect place to host a variety of events including business retreats, community gatherings, and student trainings. Our space can easily fit 100 people, has extensive AV capabilities, and has two large whiteboards. The center offers a variety of spaces, including tables and chairs and bench seating. If you are interested in learning more or renting out the space, please contact LeadMN Director of Programs and Events Lindsay Barton at 651-203-9452 or

View the Mark M. Welter Center for Learning!

Risers with colored pillows
Side door, LeadMN photo collage, and open space
Network mural on wall, large whiteboards, and open space
Front desk against blue wall with Center logo featured on the wall