Emergency Grant

Over 5,000 Minnesota community and technical college students responded to a survey conducted by LeadMN in March 2020.  The results showed that one third had lost their job or had their hours significantly reduced, were struggling to make ends meet and finding they need additional assistance. 

Additional results showed that 41% were experiencing higher levels of anxiety, depression, or stress, 13% were considering dropping their spring semester, 7% lacked reliable internet access and 6% lacked assess to healthy meals or housing.


How will my donation be used?

Your donation will be used to help students in need.

Awarding of LeadMN’s 2020 Emergency Grant made a positive impact to the students who received it.  They were very thankful and told LeadMN how the grant helped them get through at the beginning of the pandemic.

Past Emergency Grant Recipients

“I am a mom going to school full-time and worked on campus as a work study before the school shut down last spring. I was out of a job, but still doing class work, having to pay daycare, buy wipes and diapers, and get groceries. I used the grant to keep my daughter healthy and happy while I struggled to find a job that worked with my school schedule. With the money I was able to pay for a month of daycare and other needs for my child.”

“The emergency grant helped me tremendously. I am unemployed due to COVID 19, and I am a single mother of an infant daughter who struggles with food insecurity to feed both me and my child. I used the money to buy groceries. I was able to buy shelf stable food that lasted me and my child quite a while, and we didn’t have to worry about our next meals for a month. It helped me stay in school because I was able to buy groceries with it instead of dropping out of college to get a different job right away. It brought me a bit of stress relief, and I was able to focus more on my classes.”

“Provided groceries for myself, my aunt, and her two college aged boys who were all out of work/school due to COVID.”

“This will help me with buying supplies that I need for school and rent money for my apartment.”

“This emergency funds helped me tremendously. I was able to pay some on my rent and buy some food and hygiene supplies for my family. Yes, the money helped with my decision of staying in school and not dropping out of the semester. This money was helpful and helped for the current month when received. Thank you.”

“I have a learning disability and mental illness with low income which I can proof to you guys. Because I am struggling with everything. This is not an excuse. This is what I have to deal with for a long time and it’s not easy to handle. I deal with myself all the time and it is hard work. I am currently a college student and I do need the money for school and rent.”