This summit will bring together local and national experts to share best practices in how we can help students have their voice heard in the 2018 election.

Democracy Shark Tank

We are inviting higher education institutions from across Minnesota to organize teams to participate in our Democracy Shark Tank. This interactive competition will allow participants to put the skills learned earlier in the day into action.

The campus teams will develop ideas and plans to support student voter engagement in the 2018 election. Then they pitch those ideas to a panel of “Sharks” that will invest $10,000 worth of seed funding to help support campuses’ work.

Team information

Teams must be made up of three participants and must include at least:

  • One student
  • One faculty or staff member

Campuses are able to have more than one team competing for the funding, BUT only one team from each campus is eligible to win a grant. If you are planning on forming a team, but do not yet know who will be on the team, you are encouraged to register now and email as soon as you have your complete team.

If you have any other questions on forming a team or the competition, contact LeadMN Outreach Coordinator Raisa Elhadi at 651-203-9463 or

Why we are organizing this event

The LeadMN Growing Voters project seeks to make voting habit forming in young people through a long-term approach of civic education, creating civic agency and tearing down institutional barriers that prevent students from voting. This project is centered around the idea that just “motivating” young voters is purely transactional and that if we want to rebuild our democracy we should cultivate young people to translate their voice into the voting process.


Contact LeadMN Director of Programs & Events Lindsay Barton at

Shark Tank Sponsors

Democracy Works
Minnesota Campus Compact
Minnesota State
Students Learn Students Vote