Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?

You qualify for a LeadMN scholarship if you are:

  1. A student attending a Minnesota State College or University
  2. A student who is undocumented or on an international student visa
  3. Not a:
    • University of Minnesota or private college student, or a
    • Current Member of the Board of the LeadMN Governing Council

*Please note that individual scholarships may have additional eligibility criteria. Make sure to read about each scholarship to know if you are completely eligible before applying.  After answering several questions while completing the application, the application will also inform you of which scholarships you meet the criteria.


Are part-time students eligible? 



Are governing council alternates or platform committee members are



How many individual Leadership Scholarship awards are given out per semester?

The number varies each semester depending on what the LeadMN Scholarship Board determines based on the available funds.


Are students who are not involved in LeadMN able to receive the award?

Yes, however non-Minnesota State school students are not eligible for any LeadMN scholarship.


What happens if I’m awarded a scholarship but I’m transferring to a different college/university?

As long as you remain a student within the Minnesota State system, your scholarship transfers with you. You will need to indicate the college/university you are transferring to and your new student id for the semester awarded.


Where can I find the application?

Scholarship Application


Can I save my application and come back to it later?

Yes! On the introductory page of the application and at the bottom of each page thereafter, there is a link that says "Save and resume later." Check that link to complete your application at another time!  Special Note:  If you do save and resume later, add all required documents when you are ready to submit your application.


Are applications accepted in paper form now that the form is online?

Paper applications are only accepted by pre-approval.


Where is the application for the McCormick Leadership Scholarship?

With the new application process, once you complete several questions, the application will identify the scholarships for which you qualify. There you will see the McCormick Leadership Scholarship if you have met the criteria.

  • The top scoring applicant from the LeadMN leadership scholarship pool who has a 3.0 GPA is awarded the McCormick Leadership Scholarship.
  • This scholarship is only awarded for the spring semester.


How much is the McCormick Scholarship Award?



If I have already received the LeadMN or McCormick Leadership Scholarship, can I apply again?

Yes, you may reapply for the LeadMN Leadership Scholarship, however, a student may only be awarded the McCormick Leadership Scholarship once.


When is the deadline for applying?

November 1 for spring semester and April 1 for fall semester at 11:59 PM.


When would I receive the scholarship money if I were awarded?

  • Spring semester scholarship recipients’ awards are disbursed to the college or university they are attending in January.
  • ​Fall semester scholarship recipients’ awards are disbursed to the college or university they are attending in August.
  • All scholarship awards are disbursed directly into the student’s college or university financial account.


Accommodations & Assistance

Please complete this form if you fall under any of these categories and need assistance or accommodations.

  1. If you have a disability that may impact your ability to complete a scholarship application online.
  2. If English is not your first language and prefer to complete your scholarship application in your native language. (This is a case-by-case request).

Students are also encouraged to contact their campus’s disability services office for assistance or contact the LeadMN Equity & Inclusion Manager directly at mameneh@leadmn.org or 651.203.9450.