It is easy to get lost in the media buzz around elections and the candidates. Sometimes we lose sight of what is really important. Elections provide the opportunity to make our voices heard and make sure the issues that affect us and the issues that we care about are a part of the conversation. Right now, students are not well represented in the legislature because historically they don’t vote. This is a major reason that Minnesota Community and Technical College students pay the 3rd highest tuition and fees in the country. Students can no longer remain silent. You have the power to connect with students from across the state to fight for the change you want to see, but you need to show up.

One space where there are not a lot of students, and where students can make a big impact is at the party caucuses. This year the caucuses will take place on February 6th, 2018. Caucuses are when the political parties meet to select delegates to attend nominating conventions. At the conventions they meet to decide which candidates will receive the party’s nomination. You have the power to select the candidates that you want to see on your ballot! You can help choose someone that you truly want to vote for, someone that will act on the issues that affect you.

At caucuses, the parties also decide what issues will be included in the party’s platform by passing resolutions. You can help set your political party’s agenda with issues that you care about and that affect your community. This is an opportunity to shape the conversation and make sure that community and technical college students are a part of it. By bringing forth resolutions in this space we can put the high cost of tuition, textbook affordability, and importance of federal programs like TRIO on the radar and in the minds of our elected officials.

Change won’t just happen, students need to come together and connect to create the change they want to see. Students have an amazing opportunity to shape the conversation during the 2018 election. If we come together to caucus and eventually raise our voices and vote, we can change the future of community and technical college students in Minnesota.

With that in mind, here are a few ways you can get involved and make sure students make their voices heard in the 2018 election.

  1. Join the statewide Rock the Caucus Team
    • Present a resolution at your party’s caucus.
    • Get your friends, fellow students, and other senators to caucus with you.
    • Connect with Vice President Cecilia Damian and work to turn out students from across the state to caucuses.
  2. Join the statewide Get Out the Vote Team
    • Help with pre-election voting reminders.
    • Help run National Voter Registration Day events.
  3. Connect with your student senate and participate in:
    • Tabling
    • Class Raps (announcements)
    • Voter Education Events