Big news! After 19 years, MSCSA received a complete brand revival with a new name, new logo, new colors, and new website. MSCSA has become LeadMN! You will soon see this new look and name everywhere we are, including on our new website, on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, at conferences, and on-campuses. We believe that the new name and new look better matches what we have become since 1998; an organization that represents the 180,000 two-year college students that come to Minnesota colleges to transform their lives and their communities. Our students LeadMN by developing leadership skills to realize their potential, see beyond what they thought was possible for personal success, and to drive community-wide change.

LeadMN - College students connecting for change

Since 1998 we have kept the same logo, with only slight alterations, such as changing the font type. The old logo featured an outdated number of 100,000 students, that number is now well over 180,000 students. Our name, Minnesota State College Student Association, was a mouthful; and the acronym, MSCSA, was even harder to remember. With the square logo, text and inaccurate information, it was starting to feel like we were living in a ‘90s throwback. I mean we love boy bands as much as the next person, but it was time to jump into 2017.

With the help of our students, we sat down and re-identified who we are, how they see us, and where we want to go. Together with jabber logic, we found our voice empowering, inclusive, optimistic, passionate, and active. We discovered that our students connect with each other from all across the state and together they LeadMN.

Breakdown of LeadMN logo

We wanted to stick with a color palette relatively similar to that of the old brand. We chose Deep Navy Blue to highlight the sense of professionalism and leadership within our students. Vibrant green is a bright and positive shade helping us emphasize the optimistic tone of our brand.

Our symbol visualizes the connections we provide to Minnesota college students and our mission to help fulfill dreams, provide guidance and create change. Our tagline supports the logo’s visual concepts by reinforcing the ideas of networking, betterment and guidance.

We hope you like this new look and feel for LeadMN! Look out for more updates as we continue to try to better serve Minnesota’s 180,000 two-year college students.