Henri poses in a white button-up shirt

Henri Mingo

Public Relations Coordinator

Henri Mingo is a 23 year old student, and was born and raised in South Minneapolis where she currently resides. She is pursuing an AAS in Graphic Design: Digital and Print Media at Minneapolis College.

Henri has served as the Director of Communications and IT for the past two years on her campus (2020-2022), and became involved with LeadMN shortly after joining her campus’ Student Senate. She was elected to the Steering Committee in her first year with LeadMN and served as the Platform Committee Alternate for her region in her second year. 

From encouraging other students to share their experiences to carrying these stories with her as she speaks to legislators and representatives, student stories are at the heart of everything Henri does. She prioritizes listening to what difficulties students are facing and hones in on areas where we can develop strategies to make college more accessible. Knowing how hard it can be to manage the cost of college and basic needs, Henri finds passion in helping others and ensuring the students who come after her have access to an affordable and equitable education. Far too many students have struggled with securing stable housing and the transition into housing, and it is Henri’s goal this year to explore every possibility to make this process easier.

In her free time, Henri enjoys playing video games and tabletop games, creating digital art and amusing photoshop edits, going swimming, and spending time with others.  

This year, Henri is looking forward to addressing basic needs, housing insecurity, college affordability, accessibility of scholarships, equity and inclusion, and developing connections with students from all parts of Minnesota.