"I'm running for President because I believe I can continue to help students and help grow the organization. I believe our community and technical college students are our future. We must make sure our students feel supported and have the resources they need to be successful.
With my experience as Vice President and Interim President I believe I am qualified for the President's position at leadMN and would be able to help the next cabinet get adjusted into their roles." -Tyro Devolites

"I was planning on running for this position in January when the position was available but I decided to take a step back and be patient and wait until it was the right time for me and everything that's going on in my life I believe now that my time as being president on my compass is going to be done this semester I believe I have the time and the resources and the skills for this job here and now. I also have about a dozen people forming me that I would be a great fit for this role so I took it upon myself to step up and do the hard work that it takes to be in this position. So The reason I'm running for this position is because I believe that the person that this position needs is somebody who knows how to get things done and how to communicate effectively also this individual needs to be steadfast under pressure and motivate students to be excited for the events and advocacy day and things like this. I also believe that this individual needs to be familiar with the way LeadMN conducts business and how student government works. I believe that I have every single one of these skills and more and I know I'm the right person for the job." -Sufyan Harbi

"With my time serving as President of Student Senate for MSCS Red Wing coming to an end this semester, I want to expand my ability to help others on a larger scale by applying for the President position with LeadMN. I believe I would be a great candidate because of how passionate I am about being a student leader, advocating for those who struggle finding their voice, and providing students the resources and assistance they need to keep them in college and further integrate them into the workforce." -Grace Horn


"I am running for this position because I have enjoyed my time with LeadMN and have seen firsthand the positive impact that LeadMN has made for students statewide. While I have had a great time as a member of the GC and Steering Committee, now that I know more about the organization I want to step into a role that would allow me to be more involved so that I can help out even more in my effort to support this incredible organization. Overall, I want to help promote LeadMN more so that more students across the state can be involved in the process so that our association can continue to better represent our student's voices." -Christian Catano

" I am retooling at 59 years old, so I can pay for my children's college, I have an 18 year old college student child, and a 16 year old student that has been taking PSEO and summer classes at Pine Tech. This means I am navigating the financial area of college for 3 students. I want to be involved to be an example for my kids and show them how to make their world a better place through working with community and the government and finding ways to create a better world." -Lowell Johnson


" I'm running for a cabinet position at LeadMN because I want to play a part in the organization and development of LeadMN, as this is an organization that I have come to care deeply about. I feel that the work that has been done at LeadMN, such as advocating for the Northstar Promise, has spearheaded efforts that can drastically change the dialogue surrounding education. I chose to run for Public Relations Coordinator in specific because I felt that given my field of study and personality, it would work well for me. As a student of Psychology and Communication Studies, I like to think that relations and communication are my specialty." -Kailen Roeder

" I believe I am a great people person. I understand the struggles and can communicate well. I am always on social media and I want to keep people informed and updated. I want to run for this position because I believe I can make the most difference here." -Amanda Whitcomb