Please check back this summer for the new scholarship application.

Overall Purpose

To improve global perspectives and enhance competent global citizenship. 

Overview and Rationale

The "100% American" Scholarship confirms that all people, "All creeds, all colors, all cultures, and all countries," have been "depositors and withdrawers at the world bank of knowledge." In other words, what we have today is the product of all times, all places, and all peoples. The corollary is palpable: there can be no superior race, color, culture, or creed. Knowing that human exchanges and borrowings are mutually universal, ecumenical, and timeless will assist students in developing an enriched understanding and tolerance for all citizens of the human community. Stated succinctly, "We must understand our commonalities in order to accept our differences." To Martin Luther King, this was existential: "Unless we learn to live together as brothers and sisters, we will die together as fools."

Scholarship Information 

LeadMN is seeking applications for "The 100% American" Scholarship from Minnesota State college and university students. This program is sponsored through the generosity of Mark M. Welter Family Foundation. Five scholarships will be awarded for both the fall and spring semesters. Please note that "past recipients" are ineligible for this scholarship. PSEO students are eligible. Past applicants who were not selected to receive this scholarship previously are eligible. The student applicant must be in good academic standing.

The five winners will be selected for their skills in integrating the 24 retrieval answers with the four essay questions. Accurate use of the "optional enrichment exercise" will elevate chances of winning an award.

To be considered for one of the five awards, the applicant must read "The 100% American" article and complete and submit the responses for the:

  • 24 retrieval questions
  • Four essay questions
  • Essay questions 5-7 are optional - extra credit points will be given for answering them. 

To submit your application for one of the five $500 awards, complete the application by the semester deadline. LeadMN has two scholarship deadlines: November 1 and April 1. Scholarship applications are due at 11:59 PM on the day they are due. Also, remember to have your documents (school transcripts, letter of application/personal letter, statement of need letter, and letter of recommendation) ready when you fill out your application.