This year we have launched the LeadMN Free College program which will award 25 scholarships that will cover all of a students tuition of $6500. This is a brand-new scholarship that is the result of a generous gift from Warren H. Robens and Henry P. Dembiczak.

The deadline for this scholarship and all of the LeadMN scholarships is May 1. We have revised the application process to make it easier for students to apply for all the scholarships that they qualify for. To apply visit:

Please help get the word out on your campus
As a Student Senate member, would you be willing to help spread the word about LeadMN’s scholarships?  Tabling on campus is the most influential, but online forum discussions and flyer distribution can also be effective. If you have a group of students wanting to learn more, send us a request with several dates and times that work best, and we will schedule an online forum discussion via discord or zoom call to help you.

Enclosed are two LeadMN Scholarship flyers, one containing the QR code which brings you directly into the scholarship website, and one with details, plus the scholarship sign-up interest forms, and a table tent.  Also consider spreading the word on social media with the link to the LeadMN scholarship webpage,, for your friends and family to see as well.  Encourage any student you know within Minnesota State to apply, help make college affordable for everyone.  Also attached is the Interest/Inquiry sheet for students to complete for additional information and a table tent.

We look forward to receiving applications from students across the state and thank you in advance for your help!  If you have any questions or need additional materials, please email either one of us, or