Scholarship application Letter of recommendation form

As valedictorian of Gilbert High School and a graduate of Eveleth Community College (now Mesabi Range College), Irja Sundgren Pratt had a sincere commitment to higher education. Irja understood that education was a gift to be valued and wanted to ensure other young people from the Iron Range had the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education. Because of this belief, she established a fund through her estate to provide scholarships for students at one of the five two-year institutions on the Iron Range. This memorial fund provides scholarship opportunities for students who are attending one of the five two-year institutions that comprise the Northeast Higher Education District (NHED) on the Iron Range. NHED consists of Hibbing Community College, Itasca Community College, Mesabi Range College, Rainy River Community College and Vermilion Community College.

Scholarship Qualifications

  • This $500 scholarship will be awarded annually for spring semester to a student who is enrolled at any institution within the Northeast Higher Education District.
  • Have a grade point average (G.P.A.) of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
  • Will have completed at least one semester of course-work at the college before being eligible for the award.
  • May be renewed provided the recipient meets the minimum academic standards as determined by the college president or provost.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Complete and submit the online application by November 1 at 11:59 PM. This scholarship will be awarded for the spring semester only.  
  • Submit a letter of application/personal letter. In this letter describe your:
    • Academic goals,
    • Career goals, and
    • Personal goals.
  • Submit a seperate statement of need (describe why you need this scholarship).
  • Submit one letter of recommendation from college staff.
  • Submit a copy of your school unoffical transcript.