Hunger Free Campuses is an initiative by LeadMN to address food insecurity on community and technical colleges. The 2019 #RealCollege national report shows that 45% of college students in the United States are food insecure. This statistic is consistent with recent Minnesota data that shows 40% of college students have experienced food insecurity, meaning they do not have a steady source of food or cannot afford to feed themselves or their families. 

At LeadMN, we believe that no student should have to go hungry while pursuing their education. That is why we are advocating towards ensuring our schools are Hunger Free Campuses. Learn more about our previous work on this initiative here

A Hunger Free Campus is a Minnesota State community and/or technical college that is actively taking strides to reduce food insecurity amongst students. In order to be awarded the designation, a campus must meet the following minimum criteria:

A Hunger Free Campus:

  • Has a food pantry, partnership with a food bank, or some type of food distribution system on campus available to students.
  • Has a designated staff person on campus to educate students on SNAP and other public services aimed to reduce food insecurity.
  • Provides emergency funds to assist students who may be experiencing basic needs insecurity.
  • Has a taskforce dedicated to addressing food insecurity concerns.
  • Hosts or participates in at least one hunger awareness event each year.

To learn more about the designation and apply, click here

How Can You Support Hunger Free Campuses?

2 in 5 college students in Minnesota are facing food insecurity. It is critical that systems and resources are in place at colleges to help ensure no student has to go hungry. In order to make sure our schools reflect the needs of students, we must take action. 

Click here to send a letter to your president to help move your school towards becoming a Hunger Free Campus. 


Contact LeadMN Manager of Equity and Inclusion May Yang at 651-203-9466 or for more information about how you can get involved.