Within the next year we will elect the next governor of Minnesota. That gives us 12 months to show the importance of college affordability and accessibility in Minnesota. The next governor will set the tone for what our state will prioritize and will have a crucial role in determining whether or not Minnesota finally invests in affordable tuition for community and technical colleges. We have the opportunity to create real change, but we are going to have to work for it beginning now, and we will do it through caucuses.

Many students vote, but many of them are missing the interview process that occurs before we enter the voting booth-caucuses. Before we even enter the voting booth in November, each party has already chosen which candidates will be on the ballot. They decide this through the process of caucuses, and if students are not participating in caucuses they lose the opportunity to make sure candidates that support community and technical colleges end up on the ballot. It is time to step up and caucus for lower tuition and lower student debt.

That is why this year LeadMN is running our first ever Vote 2018 Caucus Competition! We are asking every region to band together and pledge students to caucus and/or vote in the 2018 General Election. The region with the most pledges to caucus and/or vote will get a special outing during the Monday evening of the Advocacy Day conference (February 19-20, 2018). As a bonus, every region that pledges 400 students between now and January 29 will receive an exclusive LeadMN sweatshirt!

Now that we see ourselves as voters, it is time to take it to the next level and caucus! For more information check out the LeadMN website.