Below are commonly asked conference questions. If you need any further help please contact LeadMN Manager of Programs and Events, Brandon Boat at

Conference FAQ

Who should register me for a LeadMN conference or event?

If you are a Governing Council or Platform Committee member you may register yourself. All other attendees are registered by their student senate president or advisor. Any Minnesota student from a two-year college may attend our events, but if you do not have approval from your campus, you will have to pay the full rate to attend.

Who does LeadMN pay to attend LeadMN conferences?

For Student Leadership Conferences LeadMN pays for one presidential delegate from each campus or the designated alternate. If there is Governing Council or Platform Committee business at the event, LeadMN will also pay for those members or their designated alternate to attend. If these individuals elect to room at a different rate, their campus is charged the difference.

For General Assemblies LeadMN pays for Platform Committee and Governing Council reps or alternates, Steering Committee members and the appropriate number of campus delegates (the document is available here) to attend at the double rate. If these individuals elect to room at a different rate, their campus is charged the difference.

LeadMN only pays for these individuals based on full participation in the conference or General Assembly, which is determined by signing the sign-in sheets for each session. LeadMN doesn't pay for advisors to attend conferences.

What information do I need to provide during registration?

In order to complete the registration form you will need to provide your name, preferred email address, preferred phone number, advisor’s email address, dietary restrictions and roommate requests. Please make sure you are using the correct contact information when you are registering because our ability to send important details about the conferences is dependent on the accuracy of the information you supply. You can also provide any accommodation requests you may have.

What is the difference between business, business casual and casual dress at conferences?

Business dress means dress shirt and slacks for men and a suit, dress or skirt for women. Think of it as an outfit you’d wear to a job interview. Business casual dress is less formal than a suit but more professional than jeans and a t-shirt. Think of it as an outfit you’d wear to an engagement party. Casual dress is comfortable but modest. Think of it as an outfit you’d wear to a backyard barbeque with your in-laws.

What do the different lodging rates mean?

Single rate means one person in a hotel room with one bed. Double rate means two people sharing a hotel room with one or two beds. 

How do I cancel an event registration?

Event cancellations must be emailed to the Manager of Programs and Events only. The deadline to cancel registrations without incurring attendance charges is two weeks prior to the start of the event. Campuses may still be charged for cancellations made after that time frame.

What should I put in the dietary restriction field?

Please include any food allergies/intolerances, religious restrictions (i.e. no pork) or dietary choices such as vegetarian. Please refrain from listing specific food requests such as bacon, ice cream sandwiches, lollipops, etc.

What should I put in the accommodation request field?

Please include any mobility or accessibility requirements you may have such as large print conference materials or a handicap accessible hotel room. Please reach out to Mameneh,, if you have any questions.

What should I put in the roommate request field?

Please include the name(s) of any individual(s) you would like to room with. LeadMN will do its best to room mutually requested individuals together.

How do I make sure that my advisor and I receive a registration confirmation email?

A registration confirmation email will be automatically sent to the email address typed in the attendee email field. Please only type the actual attendee’s email address in the attendee email field in order for the correct information to be saved in our LeadMN database. Please type the advisor’s email address in the advisor email field at the bottom of the registration page to ensure he/she also receives a confirmation email.

If I can only attend a portion of a conference or event, can I still register?

For any special registration requests, please contact the Manager of Programs & Events Brandon Boat at