With Election Day less than 100 days away, LeadMN is working to support students as they vote in the middle of the pandemic. Now more than ever, it is important to support students in having their voice heard because of the barriers to voting that are created by the pandemic.

Right now, young people believe that they can lead change. A recent poll by CIRCLE at Tufts University found that 79% of young people say that the COVID-19 pandemic has helped them realize that politics impact their everyday lives.

Shark Tank Plans - Due August 15
LeadMN is offering $500 campus grants for each college that completes a civic engagement plan for their college. To apply, just complete the template and submit it before August 15.

Launching The LeadMN Election Center
We have developed a one stop shop to help students check if they’re registered at their current address, request an absentee ballot so that they can vote safely, and learn about the candidates.

Campus can embed this tool on their website. Check out the code here

$1000 Campus Mobilization Grants
Support students in registering to vote, learning about the candidates and voting early with a $1,000 grant.  LeadMN is working with the SLSV coalition to support your work to help students celebrate these three actions. Apply here

National Voter Registration Day - September 22
Join us in helping students check to make sure that their voter registration is up to date. Host a virtual event this day or take over your campus social media to remind students about voter registration. We will give your Senate $50 to host a pizza party for every student senate that organizes an activity.  Sign up here