Dr. Mark M. Welter has created several scholarship programs at LeadMN for students attending a college or university within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (Minnesota State) system. His scholarships were the Mark M. Welter World Citizen Award  & the 100% American Award.

About Dr. Mark Welter

Dr. Mark M. Welter taught history in the Robbinsdale Area School District for nearly 30 years and also was an adjunct history professor at St. Cloud State University. In the past, Dr. Welter has shown his love and commitment to increase the awareness of global historians’ belief that today’s problems and potential are borderless realities that cannot be met with an ‘us vs. them’ approach by sponsoring global history seminar at St. Cloud State University.

Justin Klander, Mark Welter, Mike Dean

Mark M. Welter World Citizen Award

Mark M. Welter World Citizen Awards are given to Minnesota State students who exemplify an understanding of the interconnected world in which they live. They should exemplify the thoughts, words, and actions demanded of a 21st century world citizen.

Ideally, the students selected and nominated share some or all of the following beliefs/commitments:

  • All people are of a common species who share a common adventure in a common home.
  • The world shares common problems (pollution, terrorism, challenges) but views them through differing cultural and religious value perspectives.
  • All citizens of planet Earth mutually share an interconnected, fragile biosphere.
  • All people-all cultures, all creeds, all colors, and all countries-have been “depositors and with drawers at the world bank of knowledge.”
  • Our world is increasingly, inexorably, and undeniably interdependent.
  • No one nation, people, religion, or creed can unilaterally deal with contemporary challenges of pollution, population, poverty, pandemics, and peace.

The candidate must be in good academic standing and will have graduated from high school. Financial need may be considered. PSEO students are eligible upon graduation.  

For this award, eligible students are nominated by an academic or student affairs vice president, dean, or director at one of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.