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Ethan Browning

Scholarship Research Fellow

Ethan is a Sociology Major at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. He is planning on graduating in 2024. He was Student Senate President at Itasca Community College where he was also the Platform Committee representative for the northeast region of Minnesota. He plans to pursue a master's degree in social work. He has lived in a wide range of communities from Washington state to even Europe. In the past, Ethan has worked as a PCA for a few years. His passion is organizing and growing grassroots movements. He hopes to work with children with special needs as a career in social work.

The reason I applied to the University of Minnesota is that during the April GA, I had plans to move back to Washington or Arizona. And I asked Mike how hard it would be to finance going to school and he said I should give it a shot. And up until that point I hadn’t considered it. So I applied and got in. and I figured that since I built up a connection with LeadMN through Platform Committee and networking I figured I might try and apply for an internship position while I am attending school and moved so far south. To be around people I’m somewhat familiar with.

I really like a mix of everything. We live once so why not experience as much as we can. I try to go into things with an open mind and I’ll usually try something 2 or 3 times before i decide I don’t like it.