Are students on your campus struggling with mental health, food insecurity, housing insecurity, and other basic needs? Are you looking for ways to help remove these barriers for your fellow students? The LeadMN Basic Needs Toolkit may be exactly what you are looking for!

This toolkit provides strategies and projects that you can work to implement on your own campus to help address basic needs insecurities facing students. Inside you will find:

  1. Facts and talking points about each issue, highlighting the impact on community and technical college students. 
  2. Specific projects to address basic needs insecurity that you can undertake as a student leader, along with first steps and key considerations for each strategy, and real examples from other colleges and universities.
  3. Grassroots advocacy materials and tips like a sample class wrap and tabling script, a sample student senate resolution, a sample student story collection form, and more!

 Are you ready to help the students on your campus? Then take a look at the toolkit below!