Our commitment to equity includes accessibility and inclusion in our spaces at all times. We have implemented options and resources to support students' accessibility needs. 


We have closed captioning, subtitles and written/alt text options on all media. We are adding descriptions and tags to images and webpages and will include transcripts whenever possible. 

Accessibility Requests

For all accommodations and accessibility requests in-person or virtual, please notify us in advance. We add accessibility options in all of our registration forms. Contact our Equity & Inclusion Manager at mameneh@leadmn.org 651.294.9450 or Brandon Boat at bboat@leadmn.org with any accessibility or accommodations requests


All attendees are welcome to share their pronouns in all of our spaces and while participating in our programming. It is our expectation that all attendees respect and use the pronouns of fellow participants, staff members, and presenters appropriately. We have pronoun name tags at all events and activities. 

Why pronouns matter: Pronouns.org Resources on Personal Pronouns


Spaces for prayer, reflection, lactation and sensory needs are provided whenever possible and with requests.


You can request language needs for ASL in advance. For assistance with other language needs, please contact our Equity & Inclusion Manager at mameneh@leadmn.org.  651.294.9450 

Know your Rights:

Disability Minnesota: Disability Minnesota

Disability discrimination: Disability Discrimination | US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Americans with Disability Act: ADA.gov