The Cabinet helps guide the day-to-day operations of LeadMN and serves as non-voting members of the Governing Council, Platform Committee and Presidents’ Group.


Isaac Jahraus

Vice President

Cecilia Damian

Public Relations Coordinator

Chelsea Self


Tavion Tran

The General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of a voting delegation from each of the 48 campuses LeadMN represents. The General Assembly meets twice a year to guide the organization, once in the fall to approve what the organization stands for, and once in the spring to elect the next years student leaders.

Governing Council

The Governing Council consists of nine regional representatives, the chair of the Presidents’ Group and one student-at-large. They are the official governing board of the association and meet periodically throughout the year to guide the business of the organization and make decisions when appropriate. The LeadMN President serves as Chair of the Governing Council.

Elizabeth Zalanga

Eric Hull

Guadalupe Lira-Jimenez

Constance Pielow

Cassidy Thompson

Shane Motschenbacher

Senait Wubneh

Open Position

Patrick Knutson

Dillon Forcier

President's Group

The Presidents’ Group consists of each student senate president from the 48 campuses. They meet throughout the year to promote campus student government best practices through informing, educating, and working with other student senate presidents.

Presidents' Group Chair

Thomas Lien

Platform Committee

The Platform Committee consists of nine regional representatives and one student-at-large. They research and recommend stances on issues that relate directly to student interests at Minnesota’s community and technical colleges. The LeadMN Vice President serves as the Chair of the Platform Committee.

Amethyst O'Connell

Sheira Marie Hawkins

Kate Lawrence

Nick Rompot

Darius Vohler

Noah Smith

Stacy Martin

Open Position

Mayowa Afolabi

Cecilia Morales


The staff consists of full-time employees who help guide the organization year-to-year. Along with the Cabinet, the staff is responsible for the successful execution of the five-year strategic plan and the day-to-day operations of LeadMN.

Executive Director

Mike Dean

Director of Programs & Events

Lindsay Barton

Manager of Equity & Inclusion

May Yang

Outreach Coordinator

Samantha Beck

Communications & Office Coordinator

Courtney Brockman

Policy Coordinator

Kayley Schoonmaker

Development Assistant

Joyce Petsch