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In the News

Due to the hard work of all of our students on National Voter Registration Day, three news stations throughout Minnesota picked up the story.

WCCO - Coon Rapids, MN

National Register To Vote Day Visits College Campuses

Lakeland PBS - Brainerd, mn

CLC Encourages Students To Register With “Rock The Vote” Event

KIMT - Rochester, MN

Getting people registered on National Voter Registration Day

KAAL-TV - Austin, MN

Riverland Students Mobilize Young Voters

Voting Information

Register to Vote

Register to vote and check your registration status.
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Vote Early

You can vote early in person and via mail.
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Sample Ballot

Find out who is going to be on your ballot this November.
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LeadMN Pledge Tracker

Find out how many pledges and registrations your campus has submitted! Two voter cups will be awarded, one for the most pledges collected, and one to the campus with the highest percentage of their student body pledged to vote. A campus can only win one voter cup per election season.

The State of Student Voting in Minnesota

This report will examine the voting rates of Minnesota’s community colleges, state universities and private universities for the past three elections.  This data will help us understand the current state of youth voting and identify areas of improvement if Minnesota is going to continue to lead the country in voting participation.

Why I Vote

I vote because... I appreciate the privilege I have to vote and I accept the responsibility to be civically engaged.
I vote because... I care about the issues that affect us as a country.
I vote because... it's my voice! To educate myself. It's my future! My vote counts for the future!
I vote because... My voice matters
I vote because... It's my right
I vote because... It's the American Dream
I vote because... Our voices should be heard!
I vote because... My ancestors and elders fought for the right to do so!
I vote because... I want good representation on things that matter to me and those I care about. All matter and leaders voted into office represent them.
I vote because... What I believe matters. Because it's my right and my contribution to the community. I want a change.
I vote because... It's my right
I vote because... by voting I can give my siblings a better experience.
I vote because... I represent the students and myself.
I vote because... I want my kids to have a better life, fair and equal opportunity for my daughters and sons.
I vote because... Many people died-and still die-for the right to vote