Going to college is a dream for many students. LeadMN’s campaigns and initiatives help to do just that, by providing guidance information, financial support, or even through a mentorship. With your help, we can make attending college a reality. Please consider where your time and efforts would benefit the most. Below is a list of current and past campaigns that your donation could help support:

Basic Needs Campaign: See how nearly 10,000 Minnesota State students responded to the Hope Center #RealCollege survey and what their needs are.

Equity Campaign: Hear the struggles of our black, indigenous students of color (BISOC) and other marginalized student communities and seek to reaffirm that their lives and education matter.  

Transfer Pathways Initiative: Learn how LeadMN is always pursuing a more streamlined path to transfer between colleges. 

FAFSA Help Initiative:  LeadMN provides information for students needing assistance in completing their FASFA form.

To learn more about each of LeadMN campaigns, visit