Goal 1 Progress - LeadMN has begun to develop a suite of leadership mini-courses online for students this year in partnership with Charlie Academy. These courses will first be available to engaged student leaders and then expanded out to more students as we refine how the courses are delivered across the state.

Goal 2 Progress - The murder of George Floyd highlighted the importance inthe role that Minnesota’s colleges play in educating police officers in Minnesota with three out of the four officers trained at a Minnesota State institution.LeadMN has been providing a student voice to the Equity 2030 initiative and bringing an equity lens to our work on improving developmental education and transfer process.

Goal 3 Progress - LeadMN has adapted student engagement strategies in a pandemic environment. We were able to successfully engage students to get out and vote during the 2020 election and are exploring new opportunities to engage students online to engage policymakers and lift up student stories.

Goal 4 Progress - In the last year we have become more dependent on email to communicate with students. We ran a robust email and social media campaign to engage students around the 2020 election. Now we must pivot that work to the legislative session as we use multiple mediums of text messaging and video to engage students.

Goal 5 Progress -The pandemic is prompting us to think about how we can better serve students in these difficult time. This fall we have begun a visioning process to explore ways that LeadMN can provide critical services to students that will support them. We have hired a consultant to help guide us through the process of interviewing stakeholders, surveying students, and convening a group of engaged students to think critically about what services LeadMN should provide students.