This report contains the voter registration and voting rates of the student body of each campus eligible to vote and those that actually voted in the 2012, 2014 and 2016 elections. Data was pulled from the National Study for Learning, Voting and Engagement (NSLVE) state cluster and campus reports. The NLSVE reports compare enrollment records that campuses submit to the National Student Clearinghouse and the voter files gathered by Catalist, a national data service firm. The team at NSLVE then estimates the number of non-resident aliens according to the IPEDS data.  The data does not exclude the number of resident aliens and undocumented students, potentially causing some campuses to have a voting rate that is higher than what is reported.

The NSLVE program was launched in 2013. As of the publication date, 1,141 institutions across the country have participated in the program with a diverse cross section of 2-year public institutions, 4-year private institutions, and 4-year public institutions.

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