The Star Tribune covered Minnesota State's effort to reform police education. Today, LeadMN President Priscilla Mayowa testified in front of the board of trustees. She testified, "As the trial of Derek Chauvin is underway, there is something we must learn from this. We cannot wait for a Police officer to murder an unarmed black man in the street, while said black man cries out for his mum before we feel compelled to take action and hold police officers accountable.


The article went on to say:

Priscilla Mayowa, a task force member and president of the statewide community college student association LeadMN, struck a more skeptical tone. "My biggest concern … is that these recommendations will result in no real change."

Mayowa asked trustees to hold the chancellor accountable for ensuring the recommendations are fully implemented. She also urged administrators to seek more input from community members who have been hurt by police brutality and reconsider how they promote law enforcement programs to prospective students.

"A promotional video with multiple gun shooting scenes is an example of what we don't want," she said.

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