5 reasons why you should run for a student leadership position graphic As we start to see the light at the end of this exhausting winter, I’ve been reflecting on the people, places, and things that brought light into the dark months. It’s hard work to shine a light on something, to keep it focused and steady.

It takes enormous courage to name the barriers you face, in a culture that stigmatizes those barriers. It’s just as difficult to balance pride and humility and name your triumphs. But the reward for doing both is a strong sense of self, of community, and of bright paths around barriers.

This winter, I’ve seen student leaders speak and act with this courage, and lift each other up through deep listening. Because it truly can’t be said enough, thank you. Thank you for being bold, taking risks, and strengthening our community. To all those who have planned an event, donated to a food shelf, written a letter to a legislator, listened to a classmate’s struggle, given a ride or shared a story, thank you. Know that you are seen and celebrated, and that your passion, hope, and courage shine a light in the darkness.